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  • Fundamentals Of Physics

Fundamentals Of Physics

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  • Author: Ivanov B. N
  • Publisher: CBS Publishers & Distributors
  • Language: English
  • Edition: 1st
  • Year of Print: 2005
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Print Length: 455 Pages
  • ISBN: 9788123903026

About the Book
The principle underlying the preparation of this course can be summarized as follows: From atom to matter What will be the approach of the natural science ideology towards the technical progress in the next century? How should physics be taught so that a young scientist can find his way In the myriads of scientific and technical information and independently sift this information to grasp the main trend? An optimal solution of these questions still remains to be found. The list of contents provides a detailed information about the material contained in this book. It can be seen that this book covers a wide range of topics . The International System of units (SI) has been used practically throughout the book. However since the CGS system is still widely used in research and scientific publications students of physics must be familiar with both systems and freely move from one system to the other. The material in Chaps. 3 4 and 7 of this book uses the CGS system. It can be used. by students of physics and mathematical schools as well as by those who have finished school and are engaged in self- education. A good deal of the material may be useful to teachers delivering lectures on various topics of physics.

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