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  • Python Programming |A modular approach
  • Python Programming |A modular approach

Python Programming |A modular approach

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  • Author: Taneja Sheetal, Kumar Naveen
  • Publisher: Pearson Education
  • Language: English
  • Edition: 1st
  • Year of Print: 2021
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Print Length: 588 Pages
  • ISBN: 9789332585348

About the Book
Python Programming introduces one of the most rapidly evolving and preferred programming language using the concept of modularity. One of the highlights of the text is its in-depth treatment of basic concepts. Advanced topics are discussed with multiple examples of applications from various fields such as database management, web and, mobile application development.Features1. A chapter on debugging — an essential skill for making the programs work2. Includes basic sorting and searching techniques— selection sort, bubble sort, insertion sort, merge sort, quick sort and linear and binary search3. Comprehensive treatment of recursion, including problems such as list manipulation, Tower of Hanoi, permutation generation, n-queens’ problem, Sudoku and plotting Hilbert curves4. Margin notes and chapter summary for quick review of the conceptsTable of Contents1. Python Programming: An Introduction2. Functions 3. Control Structures 4. Debugging5. Scope 6. Strings 7. Mutable and Immutable Objects8. Recursion 9. Files and Exceptions10. Classes I 11. Classes II 12. List Manipulation 13. Data Structures I: Stack and Queues14. Data Structures II: Linked Lists15. Data Structures III: Binary Search Trees16. More on Recursion17. Graphics 18. Applications of Python


      Loved it.....

      I purchased it from there offline store. The packaging was awesome and the books are 100% genuine.

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      Mahesh Ghule

      How to track book order

      I have ordered these books but how to track the order. No message received so far.

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      OH WOOW

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      Vishnu Mittal

      Jee adv.cengage physics set

      Very good condition book delivered
      THANKS to araav at

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