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  • Itihas-Lekh: Ek Pathyapustak

Itihas-Lekh: Ek Pathyapustak

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  • Author: E. Sreedharan
  • Publisher: Orient BlackSwan
  • Language: Hindi
  • Edition: 2011
  • Year of Print: 2011
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Print Length: 520 Pages
  • ISBN: 9788125042808

About the Book
This is the Hindi edition of A textbook of Historiography by E Sreedharan published by us. This book traces the development of historiography from the days of Herodotus to those of postmodernism. It covers the ancient, medieval and the modern aspects of the subject and offers easy comprehension, clear and precise guidance and immediate utility. The author provides a balanced view of competing ideas and leads the reader into vast arena of the subject. Two thousand five hundred years of historiography, including Indian historiography and the poststructuralist critique of history, constitute this clear, analytical work. Written lucidly and in jargon free language,Itihas-Lekh: ek pathyapustak: 500BC se san 2000 tak should be of interest not only to the serious students and the teachers but to anyone interested in this subject. The book is appended with bibliographical details, reference and notes rarely available elsewhere. Though the subject is complex, yet the elaborate Index help readers to locate required information, as the book is full of names, places, events, documents and several other rarely available sources.

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