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  • Basic Electronics and Linear Circuits

Basic Electronics and Linear Circuits

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  • Author: N.N. Bhargava, D.C. Kulshreshtha
  • Publisher: Mc Graw Hill
  • Language: English
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Year of Print: 2013
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Print Length: 482 Pages
  • ISBN: 9781259006463

About the Book
The text on Basic Electronics and Linear Circuits takes a fundamental approach in discussions on electronics and treats the subject matter in a manner to empower practical implementation of the concepts. The book has been specially designed to reduce mathematical rigor of the subject, by discussing the principles in a textual yet concise manner. Salient featuresSimplistic presentation of the fundamentals of electronics. Experimental exercises to facilitate students in conducting laboratory experiments. Tutorial sheets at the end of each unit to help students practice and reinforce the concepts learns. Table of ContentsUnit 1 Introduction to ElectronicsUnit 2 Current and Voltage SourcesUnit 3 Semiconductor PhysicsUnit 4 Semiconductor DiodeUnit 5 Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs)Unit 6 Field Effect Transistors (FETs)Unit 7 Transistor Biasing and Stabilization of Operating PointUnit 8 Small Signal AmplifiersUnit 9 Multistage AmplifiersUnit 10 Power AmplifiersUnit 11 Tuned Voltage AmplifiersUnit 12 Feedback in AmplifiersUnit 13 OscillatorsUnit 14 Electronic Instruments

      Vishnu Mittal

      Jee adv.cengage physics set

      Very good condition book delivered
      THANKS to araav at

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      Well researched book

      The book is amazing, the way sir has explained and simplified every concept is amazing.
      Workbook is worth solving and it tests student's knowledge in such an incredible way

      ​I इस पुस्तक की अनुशंसा करते हैं

      Angal Singh


      4 books at 3149
      & 1000/- extra for other book
      That's not justified

      ​I इस पुस्तक की अनुशंसा करते हैं

      Nakul Kaushik

      Received book in great condition

      Good service, book delivered in 3 days without any damage.

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