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  • A Textbook of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

A Textbook of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

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  • Author: R.K. Rajput
  • Publisher: S.K. Kataria & Sons
  • Language: English
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Year of Print: 2017
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Print Length: 900 Pages
  • ISBN: 9789350142554

About the Book
Table of Contents: Section-I: General Introduction Engineering Materials Stress Analysis Designing for Strength Manufacturing Considerations in Design Sales and Gaskets Section-II: Fasteners Riveted Joints Welded Joints Threaded Joints Eccentric Loading of Riveted, Welded and Threaded Joints Cotter and Knuckle Joints Keys and Couplings Pipe Joints Levers Spring Section-III: Power Transmission General Shafts and Axles Bearings Clutches and Brakes Belt Drives Rope Drive Chain Drives Gear Drives Power Screws Section-IV: Pressure Vessels General Cylinders, Pipes and Tubes Cylinder Heads and Cover Plates Section-V: I.C. Engine Parts General Design Design of Principal Parts Section-VI: Miscellaneous Topics Miscellaneous Topics Appendix I Appendix II Appendix III Index

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