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"Excellence 19" (for B.Sc. Nursing MLHP | CCH Certificate for CHO under NHM)
10 Practice Sets CDS Combined Defence Services Entrance Examination
10 Practice Sets NDA/NA Defence Academy & Naval Academy
10 Practice Sets NDA/NA Defence Academy & Naval Academy Hindi
1000 Bharat Gyan Prashnottari
11 Years Solved Papers IIT JEE Advanced & IIT JEE 2022
15 Years Solved Papers Hotel Management 2022
Aadhunik Asamanya Manovigyan (Modern Abnormal Psychology)
Adhunik Samanya Manovigyan
Manovigyan Samajshastra Tatha Shiksha Me Shodh Vidhiya
Pratiyogita Manovigyan: The Psychology of Competition
Sangyanatamak Manovigyan: Cognitive Psychology (Revised Edition)
Ucchtar Nedanik Manovigyan (Advanced Clinical Psychology)
Chetan Bhagat
Robin Sharma
Ravindra Singh
Paula Coelho
Narendra Modi
Morgan Housel
Manoj Arora
 Mahatria Ra
Adhiktam Safalta (Hindi Edition)
Eat That Frog!
Lakshya Umid Se Phale Pay Har Manchai chij
Soch Badlo Zindgi Badlo
Apka Sapna Kishne Churaya - Who stole the American Dream(Hindi)
Copycat Marketing 101
The Parable of the Pipeline
The Parable of the Pipeline: (Hindi)
Hold My Hand
Now That Youre Rich
Of course I love you
Oh Yes I m Single
Someone Like You
The Boy With a Broken Heart
The Girl Of My Dreams
The Perfect Us
Life'S Amazing Secrets
Babylon Ka Sabse Ameer Aadmi (Hindi)
The Richest Man In Babylon
Unlimited Memory
India Unbound: From Independence to the Global Information Age
The Steve Jobs Way
Jack Ma Success Secrets
Mark Zuckerberg
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