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1. Pirated or Counterfeit books are produced illegally hence promotes black money in the economy. They have poor quality pages, print & binding and unknowingly diminish your reading experience.

2. Printed on cheap/dirty paper

Sometimes, the text in them can also be printed over lines as alignment issues. Some pages can also go missing, with these pirated books often skipping some in between in the hopes that the reader will not be checking every page diligently while buying. They even might have old content in latest cover. The low standards extend to the quality of the text too, with the ink running over or smudging in the pages. The pages may even bleed, with the text on one page being visible on the backside, making reading an irritating experience. Overall, pirated copies are not exactly made with care and precision and are, as a result, of noticeably lower quality.

3. Low-resolution images
Starting with the cover image, all the images in the pirated books (including graphs and illustrations on the inside pages) are of extremely low quality. Technically, this is because of the higher cost involved in printing the images, which are usually crisper only when printed in their right dimension. Even the book covers (which is one of the first things people notice about books) of these pirated books are printed with low-resolution images on cheap chart paper, making the difference obvious. Example: 

4. Unfitting Spine/Binding
These pirate books are bound together haphazardly, and the spine is usually a noticeable indicator of their lack of structure and form. The glue can be of a different color and unevenly distributed along the binding, and the book may generally look poorly made. Books with bindings for which cheap glue was used also smell different than an original quality edition.
Examples of counterfeit book binding:

5. Typos

Pirated books are scanned, and their content is copied by a special software. However, it sometimes makes mistakes and creates various typos. On the picture below, fake copy on top has two errors that might serve as an indicator of the book being counterfeit.

Now you know the differences between fake and real books, so feel free to share this information with your friends to help them avoid the scammers. 

Do report the seller if you receive pirated products.

5 Reasons you should buy genuine & authentic books only!
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